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 Post subject: 150cc stalls on steep ground and no reverse
PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:45 pm 

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Hi guys!

I got hold of a 150cc road legal buggy here in Sweden and that is like impossible to find, so as a car mechanic I began fixing it up this week, managed to fix a lot of small problems but 2 problems bug me.

1. It can climb hills if I have speed, but let's say I start from steep ground like trying to drive it up on my trailer it just stands there and feels like the power is gone. I have never worked with CVT's before so this is new to me. New belt? Do I need mods?

2. The reverse gearbox worked fine until yesterday when I cracked one of the engine mounts and had to repair it (last owner did a really ugly repair so now it's rock steady). But now the reverse comes and goes, the buggy jumps and the gearbox makes a sound like it's trying to get the gears in.

I have found out that most parts from a hammerhead fits, but the gearbox is different, it seems to be from a 250cc version.
Is there any parts to find or do I need to find a complete gearbox?

also, is there a mod or rebuild for the steering?
As the steering rack is little bit higher up than the rods a small bump will make the rod push the wheel toe in slightly and that makes the buggy feel really unpredictable on roads. I have set the alignment as good as I can and the alignment is better now, but my idea was to either lower the steering rack and make the arm from the steering wheel longer or create som adapters on the rods to lift them up in a position where they are straight.

My buggy and the gearbox:



 Post subject: Re: 150cc stalls on steep ground and no reverse
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:53 am 
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on #1 question:
A. does your buggy sputter and cut out when climbing or just loose power? if the engine is running fine but just seems to be "slipping" as you climb there are a couple reasons this could happen. before i give suggestions i will make the comment that what you have is a stock 150cc, not a rock climber, so if you are a bigger person and you are climbing steep hills.....not going to happen. the buggy just isn't made for that. with that being said there a couple things to check.
1. the belt (it may be slipping)
2. the clutch (it may also be slipping)

on #2 question:
if you cracked the case it may be in a spot where a shaft is located and you have thrown the tolerance off where the hears mesh together. this may be the reason for intermittent reverse. you may have ruined the case.


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