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 Post subject: To all BuggyNews members:
PostPosted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 4:50 pm 
Buggy News Founder RIP
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This is Sue Hopkins, Steve Hopkins widow. For those of you that didn't know Steve, he founded and built this site. He is not even acknowledge on it anymore.He wasn't even acknowledge at the latest Rally. He passed away almost one year ago on September 10th, 2007.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the BuggyNews website will have to be terminated. The website is still in legal name of Steve, therefore legal property of his estate. His estate is STILL not closed. I am in debt up to my eyeballs(due to bills left unpaid under his estate in his name) and unless I liquidate all in his name the probate court will not be satisfied. I have sold his Buggynews trailer, and I am trying to sell his Blade, his other two Buggies aren't working. I also am trying to sell his dirt bike and old motorcycles as parts. I literally have to sell anything that was his, in his name, to settle his probate.

I know this will wee wee off many people. I know many will think of me as a female dog. I am sorry. This is not being done to hurt anyone or in any form of anger. It is just plain business and numbers and facts. I am doing what my probate lawyers have directed me to do.

No one wants to buy BuggyNews. I have tried. I had it officially appraised, at my expense, which cost over $400.00. I put it up for sale months ago. No one wants it because the site has dropped in traffic and no one feels it's a money maker. The site is dying with Steve.

Any dealers that have ad space running for a lengthy amount of time will need to get a refund as I look to shut the site down soon. Jamie has been handling all the banner space so he needs to let me know what it is so they can be refunded. We will be selling no new adspace. Google adsense is shutting down.

I told Jamie back on 5/16/08 I was putting the site up for sale. My words exactly:


I am selling I have NO choice. Probate insists it is sold to settle Steve's estate. He left me in debt"

"BuggyNews will go up for sale. If you wish to surrender site admin, that is fine. I will have someone take over. I am sorry it has come to this, but the probate must be settled and this is the only way. "

I had a friend prepared to take over site admin and Jamie said No, he'd continue until the sale of the site.

From Jamie:

"As far as Buggynews goes, I will continue to be the admin until it is sold. There is a rally coming up the end of next month that and there is still a lot of organizing to be done. I too am sorry that you have to sell the site but I understand that you have to do what is best for you and the kids.


As far as my home life, it is not easy here. They can't take anything that was in joint names, that is why I have my home and the other we were rehabbing to sell. I am trying to sell that one but no one is buying. The market sucks. I am trying to hold down two mortgages, bills, I can't drive due to my disability(lupus and vertigo). I have 4 kids-Joey has autism, Michaela looks like she is developing Lupus like me, and little Mitchell has scoliosis and asthma. Steve's health insurance runs out at the beginning of september and I will have to pay for Cobra which is astronomical. But I have no choice.

So, this was not a "sudden" decision. I wanted to save BuggyNews. After all, Steve created. it. I am so sorry it has come to this, but my family is literally at stake here. Steve didn't take any of this into consideration.

That also is important for me to share with you . I never did share this because two senior members and I at first felt it best to keep it private. Steve was not a "sudden death". He was a suicide. I won't share all the details, but basically he died by carbon monoxide inhalation. He kissed me goodbye one night and I never saw him alive again. We worried ourselves sick. He was missing for 5 days before they found him dead in the family van far from our home. It was a hellish experience, they wouldn't let me see him. Me and my four children are now all in counseling. Steve simply said I a note "I have lost the will to live and it is in no way your fault".

He had been extremely sleep deprived, overworked, had extremely high blood pressure, was stressed and I now beleieve was masking depression. He held everything inside. He was so much the type A personality. I tried to get him to see a doctor for his blood pressure and he wouldn't go. I begged him to slow down and rest, and he wouldn't. I told him to get help rehabbing the house or sell it "as is". His answer:"I can't afford to hire someone to help and we can't afford to lose the money on what the house would sell for now." I just couldn't get through to him.He would say: "Everything will be better when I get this house done and sold". That never happened.

I later came to find out at least two of his friends offered to help out rehabbing the house for free, and he turned them down. Why? I don't know.

My reason for telling you all this, there is a lesson to learn in his death. He held everthing in, he pushed until he had nothing left in him and then still kept pushing. He burned himself out at 36. Don't let the stressors in life get you down. Steve stopped his hobbies. Stopped flying remote control planes, riding buggies, he was a ball of stress. I would beg him to go out and relax and I would get "snapped" at that there was too much to do. Don't let your life end up that way. Always have an outlet for stress, (a healthy one!)

I had to tell his little children, ages 5 and 7 at the time, that their Daddy was dead.When they asked me how, I had to some how delicately explain suicide. Don't ask me how I did, I was numb. I never want anyone else to experience that hell.

Please know I wish the site could be saved, but unless it is sold, it must be shut down. I am being placed in an awful position. What else is new?

- Sue Hopkins

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 5:14 pm 
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Sorry about the the site having to go.But you have to what is good for you and your family.If anyone has a problem with it they don't have enough respect for the way life is.A death no matter how it happens is tough enough.So I commend you on what you and you husband has done here.It was a awesome site.We will keep you in our Prayers.God Bless.James

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