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Xrx trailmaster over heating problems

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Xrx trailmaster over heating problems

by Imageisnotclear » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:44 pm

Hello new to the site I bought my trailmaster xrx 300 about a month ago. And I am having overheating problems. My radiator will not engage I called the Tech where I bought the buggy from. And long story short guy is very rude and talks to me like a dummy. So no help there my question is I have a blue and green wire that the radiator plugs into the Tech told me the green wire is bad and to follow it and run a new one. Easier said then done I follow the green wire where it connects. It splits off in so many different areas it connects to the horn headlights pretty much anywhere that needs a ground I'm just wondering where in the fuse box would the ground be i checked my fuses nothing's blown I went head and replace just to be on the safe side anytime I run the buggy for 20 minutes my overheating light starts going off I've had Direct power to the fan to see if the fan still works fan is good replace the thermostat relay and the thermostat itself I'm getting power on the thermostat relay but the blue and green wire to the fan will not engage when the temp gets up there any help would be greatly appreciated maybe I'm missing something
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Re: Xrx trailmaster over heating problems

by PGH » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:34 am

The way most of the fans are wired on these buggies is that the fan gets constant power any time the ignition is switched on. The return ground from the fan runs to a temperature switch on the radiator which then runs to ground. Once the temperature set point has been reached, the switch closes and kicks on the fan.

There is a second temperature switch on the coolant manifold. This is the one that triggers the light and buzzer when over temperature but works the same way.

Are you getting flow through the radiator? This can verified by feeling the upper and lower coolant hoses. You may have an obstruction in the cooling circuit, the mechanical thermostat is jammed closed or the water pump impeller may not be spinning. If this is the case, the fan will not kick on because the radiator never gets hot enough.

If you cannot get warranty work or support through Trailmaster, look for an independent motorcycle or scooter shop that works on water-cooled Yamaha's. Your Chinese engine is based off the same engine used in the Yamaha Majesty scooter.
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